Sunday, 4 February 2007

Second Unknown Device: HP Scanjet 5370C.. WHAT!

In the words of a certain tennis player

Their response to my driver search!
We are sorry to inform you that there will be no Windows Vista support available for your HP product. Therefore your product will not work with Windows Vista.
If you are using the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, please consider upgrading to a newer HP product that is supported on Windows Vista.
HP has numerous products on the market that support Windows Vista:

My submitted feedback!:
This is the beginning of a war against HP! What do you mean you won't support a perfectly good scanner! Purchase another HP Product NEVER!!!


The first Unknown Device: Cute TV!

Reloaded the driver it works like a charm!

A real cheap peice of TV Tuner technology that just works with Vista.
Audio was always rubbish but it didn't get worse!

Congrats folks from Hong Kong... or was it Taiwan?
Can't remember!

Vista losing Keystrokes?, No OAUE!

Courtesy of Brian Basset and Microsoft Corporation

Convinced that Vista was losing keystroke, I Googled "Vista Losing Keystrokes" and guess what the Bill goons had got to Google before me... there on the first page perfectly centred for my fading eyesight!! was:

Guide for Aging Computer Users: Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing
Around age 45 for most people, eyes start to lose the ability to adjust their ... Windows Vista: Ignore or slow down brief or repeated keystrokes (Filter ... - 27k - Cached - Similar pages

Bloody Cheek!!! Old Age User Error indeed!
Plus they also imply drug abuse!

Saturday, 3 February 2007

It did do what it said on the can!, (ostensibly!)

(Incidentally I am now CONVINCED that I am losing key strokes!, I am having to correct much more than normal!!?)

Any how, the install went amazingly smoothly, I will go as far as to say that I was VERY impressed! It worked first time...

REALLY No hangs, No hiccups, just smooth instal, if a little long, so I went to bed elated, ...though iTunes did sound a bit weird... Those folks from Apple haven't checked iTunes with Vista, hold on though there is an update I will install it in the morning... hmmm that Portent, go back and look at what it told me was OK.

Hang it, I will make it easier for you, do you spot the bit where it said that the audio was in tip-top shape?

No???, nor did I not until the next day! The portent was starting to raise it's ugly head, (if that's what they can do! :-) )

Night fell... I went to bed far to late in my jet lagged stupor, see the other Blog for SWHAND's perspective!

The afternoon instal!

I started it and then watched it crawl, this could take hours it told me.

I am off downstairs then...

I thought that it did seem fair, as I had asked it to do the upgrades of stuff for me, wasn't that nice of it.... a fully upgraded system.

Silly me!!

My question is who should be wearing this hat (right) Bill or I?

Wi V U A! - "It say YES"

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, Why would anyone trust something that should really only have one answer: Don't! It is surely not going to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

To be clear even in the depths of "Vista Instal Despair" I think the correct answer is the not so environmentally friendly purchase a new PC. BUY Stock in PC Manufacturers NOW!

So Advisor that shouldn't be trusted...A portent??... read later blogs... well I was too excited to spend too much time here, as soon as the software gave me the green light, there is nothing to stop you upgrading it said....

I was off ... sliding that DVD in as fast as I could!

There was my second mistake. More on my first mistake later.

(I had just flown back from the USA... so I was jet lagged)

(Is it me or is this keyboard working worse than before I am losing lots of letters that I keep having to correct???)

Will Vista "walk" on my PC?

Key question!, as it is very unlikely to "run"!

Douglas Adam's got it wrong, it won't be the shoe layer that extraterrestrial archaeologists will find when they try and understand what accelerated the end of this greeny blue planet. They are far more likely to find the Vista induced PC layer.

Carefull before you race out and buy the Vista DVD. It is far more likely to cause your poor little box of wire and silicon to screech to a grinding crawl!

"Far better" (for who I wonder) to buy a new PC designed to be able to at least stroll when VISTA is installed on it. (Oh by the way, I got round to looking at DOS the other day, boy was it quick, ir reminds of the days when software did "run"!!!)

The result will be the release into the wild of a huge number of old PC's, which will be more than capable of "running" LINUX. Hmmmm. Wonder if this will be such a clever move for Bill!

Luckily the PC I plan to install VISTA on was purchased to be able to operate Vista at walking pace!